Monday, November 28, 2016

Family Photos 1986

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1986 Circular Trip through St Mary's to Penticton to Home

Terry prepares camp at St Mary's. It was cold camping.
I'm glad we had a van and didn't try tenting.

Beautiful mountain lake.

Cold camping in the mountains.

Panoramic view of St. Mary's, Montana. Beautiful!

Love the river view. Next day felt warmer. The sun was out,
the rocks were warm. We had a picnic on the rocks.

Camping in the van with the kids was fun.

Weeping Wall Going-to-the-Sun. Incredibly scenic!

Ferry at Castlegar, BC

Tunnel through the mountains.

Peaceful valley between two mountain ranges.

Panoramic view of Okanagan Valley, BC

Panoramic view of Okanagan Valley, BC, continued

Okanagan Valley as far as the eye can see.

Okanagan Valley beaches

Me with my friend Leona in Penticton, BC

Leona's mom, Leona, Esther, Terry, and Leona's dad in Penticton, BC

Our family in Penticton

Another shot of our family, this time with our trustworthy van.

Cathedral Mtn, Field, BC is very rugged and tall.

View of Golden, BC

Wildlife on some rocky out-croppig through the mountains.

Cousin Lucy and Kelly with wedding party

Cousin Lucy and Kelly with both sets of parents.
Only picture I ever saw of Aunt Bernice (wife of Uncle Dennis)

Heather's art "Bowl of Fruit" which she did in Martensville.

Shawn, fall 1986, Grade 7

Heather, fall 1986, Grade 5

Shawn's spelling award

Heather's journal entry from February 11, 1986